How do I get the AKC papers for my pit bull?


You must first determine if the dog's parents were registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) before getting papers for your pit bull. If the parents were registered, the process for registering your dog is easy. If the parents were not registered, the dog's pedigree needs to be researched to determine if the dog is eligible for registration.

Check with the dog's breeder to find out if the parents were registered. If so, you need to fill out an application for registration with information such as the color and markings of the dog, the transfer date, your name and address, and the dog's name. If you did not purchase the dog from the original breeder, you need to submit a supplemental transfer statement for each transfer of the animal. The entire registration process can be completed by mail or online.

If you are unable to obtain AKC papers due to lost paperwork or breeder error, you must obtain a copy of the dog's pedigree and a bill of sale or the buyer's contract from the breeder and submit it to the AKC. The dog is eligible for registration if there is no break in AKC lineage and the dogs listed in the pedigree are from AKC registrable stock.

Some dogs that may not be eligible for registration include those whose owners never received paperwork from the breeder, dogs registered with another organization that would exclude them for AKC registration, such as the Canine Kennel Club, or those whose owner submit incomplete paperwork.

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