How to Get Polyurethane off Hands?


The safest way to get polyurethane off you hands is to place a good amount of olive oil on your hands and rub it in. Then remove olive oil with mild soap and water. Olive oil works the best but you can also try vegetable oil.
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Use vegetable oil or peanut butter to soften the paint and then wash it off. Using paint thinner on skin is problematic for your health. After this, plan to use plastic gloves when
1. Remove excess stain using a rubber scraper. Scrape towards the center of the stain, lift the scraper away, and wipe it. Rotate and repeat. Do not scrape entirely across the stain
The best thing I've found to clean polyurethane from my hands, whether its from the finish or from gorilla glue, is acetone. Other solvents, like pain thinner, MEK, or lacquer thinner
1. Wash you hands with lukewarm water. Use liquid soap (preferred) otherwise, any soap will do. Ad. 2. Realize that your hand will still feel sticky after washing. Apply baby oil
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Polyurethane is a polymer composed of a series of organic units joined by urethane links.When it gets to your hands it can be difficult to remove. However with ...
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