How to Get Pregnant without Your Boyfriend Knowing?


A female can purposely get pregnant without her boyfriend knowing. She may tell him she is on birth control when she is not. If he does not use protection himself, she may become pregnant without him knowing.
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Getting pregnant without your partner knowing can be a very risking thing to do. Making a baby is something that needs planning and alot of care and consideration. You need to talk
Poke a hole in the condom with a small needle, before you put it on your boyfriend.
I would highly suggest not 'tricking' someone into
You need to sit down and tell him you are ready to have a baby. Because if you get pregnant behind his back just think that you could be raising a baby by yourself. And that will
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It may not be a good idea to get pregnant without your husband knowing. You could stop talking the pill if you are on it, or stop any other form of birth control ...
To get pregnant without your partner knowing you would have to stop taking birth control pills. If you have an IUD you would need to have it taken out. You could ...
As far as getting a boyfriend just be yourself, be patient, and don't try to come on too strong to him then in order to keep him from your mom you are going to ...
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