How to Get Red KOOL Aid out of Carpet?


There are 3 ways to get red Kool Aid out of carpet. First, if you catch it soon enough, you can use club soda to get the Kool Aid out. Second, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Be care using it because it might turn your carpet orange. Third, you can use distilled lemon juice. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before you blot it out with a towel.
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1. Blot the blemished carpet with a dye-free cloth to lift the liquid from the carpet. Absorb as much Kool-Aid as possible. 2. Pour 1 tbsp. of white vinegar and 1 tbsp. of liquid
Try using a stain remover called TECH. It comes in a white bottle with black writing and red ink splots on it. Go to the website (I think it is and they will tell you where
1 Dampen the stain with cold water. Ad 2 Sprinkle enough Borax over the stain to completely cover it. 3 Press the Borax into carpet very gently with a cold damp cloth. The Borax will
As soon as the carpet is stained, you generally want to clean it up by dabbing at the stain with a towel. To dab it, press the towel down into the carpet. MORE?
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To remove red Kool-Aid from carpet, immediately wash the area with hot water and dish soap. Once you have removed as much as the stain as possible, take a clean white towel and start blotting the area to soak up the rest of the stain and liquid as you can. If there is still some stain, use a carpet cleaning spray such as Resolve to clean up the rest.
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