How to Get Rid in House Mildew Smell?


To get rid of house mildew smell, remove excess moisture with the use of a commercial dehumidifier. Be sure to repair any water source that may be leaking and causing the formation of mildew.
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1. Examine your home for signs of water leaks or water damage. Common sources of leaks are basements, roofs, faucets or pipes. If you see fuzzy discolored growth around water stains
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Powdered ag lime from your local farm supply store. Just sprinkle the white powder on the ground and it will neutralize the smell. It's commonly used on decaying bodies. If it works
Being stacked in a small place is okay. But being stacked in a small and nasty-smelling place is not. Many car owners know that. Worse, no one is excused from experiencing that. Almost
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How to Get Rid of a Mildew Smell in a House
Mildew smells most commonly indicate a presence of mold growth. If you try to remove mildew smells with chemical air fresheners or perfumes, you will only make the situation worse and the underlying mold will continue to spread. In order to remove the... More »
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Wash the clothing in hot water using a detergent that contains bleach or color safe bleach. This will kill and remove the mildew and prevent regrowth. ...
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Once you have a burnt or scorched food smell in your house it can sometimes stay around for day. The best way to get rid of the burnt food smell is to open the ...
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