How to Get Rid of a Female Stalker?


If you have a female stalker, you are going to want to contact the police in order to get rid of her. Unfortunately, you do have to prove you are being stalked in order for the police to do anything about it. This means you have to document everything your stalker does.
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tell them that you are a convicted murderer and you have fantasies of violently raping your victims and you are thinking of making her next. that should take care of it.
Start stalking the stalker I bet you they stop stalking you the. But please feel free to call your friendly neighborhood Police Department and never take any chances.
1. Collect evidence proving that you are being stalked. Write down the days, the times, and the places where you see your stalker or come into contact with your stalker. 2. Save all
Far out ! just ring the mobile company and tell them to block her number. but hey, have you ever thort about ignoring the calls lol? u might have. but just ignore her. youve tried
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If you have a stalker, you should contact the police as soon as possible. Since stalkers can be dangerous, you will want to let the police get rid of him or her ...
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