How do I get rid of a hickey quickly?


To get rid of a hickey quickly, use ice or heat depending on how long you have had the hickey. It takes extended time for a hickey to dissipate, so be prepared to hide it with clothing or make-up.

A hickey is the result of blood seeping through burst capillaries under your skin. Lessen the impact of your hickey by applying ice within the first 48 hours; this prevents any more blood from adding to the appearance. After 48 hours, apply heat to encourage your body to reabsorb the blood cells causing the hickey. Be careful not to apply heat or ice directly to your skin, as this can cause further skin damage.

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1 ICE: Try applying ice wrapped in a wash cloth or an ice pack to the hickey. The ice will not only help any swelling that this hickey is causing, but also constrict the capillaries
Applying ice, wrapped in paper towels, will help get rid of a bruise. Thanks for
You just got home and your roommate told you that you have a hickey on your chest that is beaming like a flashlight. This is quite alright if you are just staying home all week, but
A hickey is nothing more than a bruise, and will heal just as fast as any other bruise you get. Your best bet is high-collared shirts or concealer make-up.
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