How do you get rid of a keloid on a piercing?


A keloid is skin that is overgrown from a scar. They may flatten over time by themselves. Some doctors shoot the site of the keloid with corticosteroid injections. Surgery may be used on a keloid from a piercing.
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1. Change the jewelry in your piercing to something smaller; this will reduce irritation to the skin around the piercing. In many cases, this may slow or stop keloid formation. 2.
Yikes! your language! people who form keloids form keloids. So far as I know there's nothing you can do to prevent or get rid of them. I'm not sure what you squeezed out of your piercing
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The treatment of keloids
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How to Get Rid of a Keloid From a Piercing
Keloid scars, an unfortunate byproduct of ear piecing, occur when excess collagen builds up instead of normal skin tissue around an ear-piercing wound. Although keloids do not present a danger to a person's physical health, they can cause itching, pain... More »
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Using safe piercing practices and good hygiene helps to prevent ear piercing keloids, but in many cases, people that are prone to developing keloids may still ...
A keloid is something that can appear on an ear due to a bad case of acne, from surgery, or even from an injury. Since a keloid can be embarrassing, it is helpful ...
The way to get rid of piercing holes is to not put anymore jewelry in them. Most piercing holes will heal on their own over time. Those who have stretched their ...
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