How do you get rid of a keloid on a piercing?


A keloid is skin that is overgrown from a scar. They may flatten over time by themselves. Some doctors shoot the site of the keloid with corticosteroid injections. Surgery may be used on a keloid from a piercing.
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1. Understand that if a piercing caused the keloid, it may be necessary to change the jewelry or remove the piercing. 2. Use pure tea tree oil and apply it several times a day to
The tongue doesn't form Keloids, the bumps on your tongue are possibly due to mismatched metals in the barbell. This is called galvanic corrosion and will cause the tongue to react
Tea tree oil, in moderation, is not bad for you. 0 0 Comment I had my tongue pierced over about 3months ago and i had alot of problems with it, it got infected badly and puss was
No, unfortunately not. Keloids are areas of over-scarring, it's genetic and it's just the way you heal. Anything you did to the scar would just create another scar which would be
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How to Get Rid of a Keloid From a Piercing
Keloid scars, an unfortunate byproduct of ear piecing, occur when excess collagen builds up instead of normal skin tissue around an ear-piercing wound. Although keloids do not present a danger to a person's physical health, they can cause itching, pain... More »
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