How to Get Rid of a Passion Mark?


A passion mark is a series of tiny little blood vessels that have been brought to the surface. Time is the only way to get rid of them. They will go away in time. The best you can hope to do now is cover them up with makeup or wear clothes that hide them.
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1. Immediately apply ice to the passion mark. The sooner you catch the hickey after it was administered, the better your results with this method will be. 2. Gently massage the affected
A passion mark is actually a euphemism for the skin discoloration caused by extreme sucking on the skin, usually in the neck and chest areas. The more popular term, however, is not
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Not Medical Advice: Massaging or applying ice wrapped in a paper towel should help get rid of a hickey, or a passion mark. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06 2012
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How to Get Rid of Passion Marks
Passion marks, also known as hickeys, are bruises that can be concealed with makeup, such as a yellow-based concealer to cover up a purple-toned mark or a pink-based concealer to cover up a yellow-toned mark. Neutralize the appearance of a hickey with... More »
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Getting rid of passion marks is an easy thing to do, if you know what to do. To treat it right after you receive it, use ice or rubbing alcohol by applying it to the mark for more than a few minutes. This helps it from forming or getting worse. If you couldn't treat it right away, you can treat it later by applying warmth to the mark for more than a few minutes, at least three times a day, or vitamin k to the area, a few times a day.
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