How to Get Rid of a Pill Stuck in Throat?


If you feel there is a pill stuck in your throat, trying drinking either water or hot coffee. Water can help the pill to go down smoothly, but if it still feels like its there try drinking something hot. Hot liquids  will help dissolve the pill much quicker. Some times it may feel like the pill is still there, but i t could be some pain from when the pill got stuck. If you are worried, then go ahead and call your doctor. Make sure you try drinking something first.
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To remove a stuck from the throat, chew a piece of bread and swallo...
Eat peanut butter. It will make the pill go down instantly. Sit up (don't lie down or recline) and drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Warm liquids may help to dissolve a pill
Drinking tea and other warm drinks should help it dissolve and if you have any yogurt or anything creamy like that it could help push it down. It should eventually dissolve. If you
Not medical advice: Two solid solutions would be to either swallow apple sauce, or eat some bread.
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There are several things you can do to unstick a pill that is stuck in your throat. The first would be drinking something warm, carbonated, or thick, such as a ...
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