How to Get Rid of a Southern Accent?


If you are trying to get rid of your southern accent, you just may need to practice a little. Listen to broadcasters and try to imitate their speech pattern. If you aren't comfortable or don't have time to work by yourself, a great option would be to hire a vocal coach.
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1 Listen to as much accent-less speech as you can. Try listening to radio stations out of the Pacific Northwest or the Midwest. Ad 2 Develop a large vocabulary (try some vocabulary-buil
1. Decide what type of accent you wish to have: East Coast, West Coast, Midwestern, New England, etc. It is important to remember that not everyone from the same place speaks with
One my my best friends is from Louisville and she shed her accent the minute she moved to L.A. just by willing herself to do so.
You rarely hear a true Southern drawl any more. Television and radio have largely negated it. My own understanding is that the drawl commonly associated with Appalachia is a hold
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A southern accent is a type of dialect spoken in southern regions of the USA. In the United States, southern states such as Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee ...
The origin of the southern accent can be traced to the Southern states in the United States and the different dialects that are spoken. Even though southern accents ...
There are no particular states that have southern accents. Each state and region of the country has differing accents. However, the standard southern accent is ...
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