How can you get rid of a stray cat?


Enzyme-based odor neutralizer can be sprayed as a cat repellent on outside doors so that cats do not return to refresh their urine spray scent, according to There are commercial repellents available, as well as devices that detect motion and make a quick, loud sound to drive feral cats away.

Reducing clutter and making digging difficult may keep stray cats at bay. The smell of rue is unpleasant for cats, so planting it in problematic areas can be beneficial, according to Citrus peels are also disagreeable to cats, and thorn bushes or other prickly cuttings can keep stray cats away naturally.

There are organizations that can help remove stray cats humanely by trapping, spaying or neutering, vaccinating and eartipping them. They are then released back into the wild or given up for adoption. Although this may not always be an immediate solution, it does reduce reproduction, eventually bringing the stray cat population down.

Stray cats choose to live in locations where there is food and shelter available. Keeping outdoor areas clear can remove their motivation. If there are any smaller prey such as mice in the area, it is important to get rid of them, which in turn eliminates the stray cat's food source.

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The most humane way to get rid of a stray cat is to catch it and take it to an animal shelter. Another way, don't leave food outside and scare it off every time you see it. Having
1. Remove any animal food or human food away from the porch. Cats are attracted to food that is left out for your pets or leftovers from last night's meal. Eliminate the source of
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First of all do not feed the stray cats. Second purchase a trap and trap the cats
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How to Get Rid of a Stray Cat
Unwanted feline visitors can disrupt gardens, leave odors and half-digested prey around your property, and upset resident cats and dogs. Deterring cats is a temporary measure to ensure that you don't have to deal with the problems they bring. While more... More »
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