How to Get Rid of Ashy Skin?


You can get rid of ashy skin by bathing in lukewarm water so that the water strips off the oils from your skin. Use non-deodorant bars regularly since these do not contain the harsh chemicals that make skin prone to ashiness. Finally, adapt a regimen of using Shea butter skin lotions which leave the skin smooth and moisturized.
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1. Bathe with lukewarm water and take short showers. Hot water strips your skin of the oils that it naturally produces. 2. Wash with a light, non-deodorant bar soap. Deodorant soaps
Ashy skin is just another saying for dry skin. It is more noticable on people with dark or tan skin no matter the race. You know if you scratched someone with dark skin that took
Damn your lazy. Baby oil is going to be the same as putting on lotion but messier and greasier. If you decide to quit being a lazy bum get Eucrin daily repair body lotion. Also how
If you’re African-American or are of African descent, you’ve probably heard the term “ashy skin.” There are a lot of fancy scientific terms to describe this
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How to Get Rid of Ashy Skin
Ashy skin is so dry that it looks dusty or chalky in appearance. It is often more pronounced in people with dark skin tones, although anyone can have the condition. Ashy patches are most commonly seen on the legs, arms and feet, especially around the... More »
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