How do you get rid of a burnt smell in the microwave?


To get rid of the burnt smell in your microwave, you will need to make a mixture of vinegar and water. Put the mixture in a microwave safe bowl and microwave the mixture for 5 minutes and then let it sit for 3 minutes. You can then wipe out the inside of the microwave with a damp cloth and then the smell is gone. If it isn't gone, you can repeat the process until the smell goes away.
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1. Peel any stickers from the skin of your fresh lemon. Lay a paper towel on a flat working surface, such as a table or counter. 2. Hold the lemon carefully in one hand and the grater
A great way to clean and freshen the scent of your microwave in one action is to take a lemon and slice it in half, squeeze it slightly to get some of the juices out then put it in
1. Take a new sponge and a small bucket of water. Ad. 2. Wipe down the entire inside of the microwave. 3. Place a bowl of water in the microwave for a few minutes. 5-6 minutes should
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How to Get Rid of Burnt Smell in a Microwave
Microwave ovens use less energy and take up less space than traditional stoves, so they play a prominent role in many kitchens. Burnt smells from overcooked food can permeate your microwave. Scrubbing the inside from top to bottom may not get rid of the... More »
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You can get rid of the burnt smell in your microwave by first cleaning it. Then put some large slices of lemon on a paper towel and microwave for 2 minutes. Leave overnight.
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Give it a firm wipe down with white vinegar or a cleaning agent. Give it time to air out. If this fails, try using some lemon scented candles or the like. ...
A article suggests five ways to get rid of a burnt food smell. They include getting the burnt food out of the house, opening doors and windows, using ...
The first step in removing the odor of burned food is to open the windows; this lets air circulate. The fresh air comes in, helping the burnt smell fade away. ...
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