How to Get Rid of Caterpillars?


Caterpillars are a the larva form of butterflies. They spin cocoons to hibernate and transform into butterflies. To get rid of caterpillars, spray the foliage with neem oil.
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1. Purchase a Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)containing product at your local garden supply store or home improvement store. Apply the product to the affected area according to the manufacturer's
by a sepical spray.
If you are in fact sure that it is caterpillars that are causing the damage, which you more than likely have seen, one of the safest products on the market is "Bacillus thuringiensis
Use a product called Bayer Advanced Tree and shrub Insect control. This is applied to the soil around the tree and the roots will carry the insecticide to the leaves and when the
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How to Get Rid of Caterpillars
Caterpillars will eventually become colorful butterflies or moths, but large numbers of caterpillars can become a serious problem for your garden because they consume your tree foliage, vegetables, and flowers. An infestation can completely destroy your... More »
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There are many ways to get rid of caterpillars. One of the best ways is using some type of pest control. Neem oil is a good choice. It works for all types of caterpillars. You can find more information here:
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You can remove caterpillars in several ways. One is to remove the nests and eggs by hand. Another way is to use sticky traps on trees. This way will prevent the ...
Inchworms which are actually little non hairy caterpillars are very destructive. Making your yard bird and wasp friendly will eliminate inchworms. If this does ...
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