How to Get Rid of Cats Deffecating in My Garden?


Cats dislike water with a passion. You can use that against them to stop them from defecating in a garden. Simply ensure that you garden is ever wet, and the vain cats will not risk to get their paws wet. Alternatively, you can pour vinegar in the area they like to defecate in.
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1 Cultivate any of the plants mentioned here: 2 Plant catnip in your neighbor's yard.
My mom did this for years. Because cats want to dig, she laid down chicken wire fencing very early each spring. Perennials came up through it and she planted the veggies and the annuals
The reason no one is considering the cat is its your legal right to shoot a feral cat if its causing you a problem in the uk. but i'd get a watergun, he'll learn pretty quick.
Scent deterrents will serve to deter cats from your garden. Try orange or lemon peel, since cats are not keen on the smell of citrus.
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