How do you get rid of cats in your yard?


You want to remove any food source that may be making the cats come into your yard to begin with. If you notice a lot of stray cats in your yard, you can contact animal control in your area and they will assist you in removing them.
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1. Walk the outdoor area to determine where the cat urine smell is strongest-there may be multiple areas. You might need to wait for a day when there isn't much wind. If you know
Brush your cat daily. This will clean up a lot of the loose fur so that when your cat takes part in his regular grooming sessions, he is less likely to swallow a lot of fur in doing
A flea comb, which has fine teeth spaced very close together, is a chemical free method of flea removal, though it has its drawbacks. As you comb your cat, fleas are trapped by the
1. Clean up your yard. Remove any edible debris that is attracting rats, such as fallen fruit and spoiled vegetables. Do this every day. If you have trees with fruit growing on them
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