How do you get rid of cats in your yard?


You want to remove any food source that may be making the cats come into your yard to begin with. If you notice a lot of stray cats in your yard, you can contact animal control in your area and they will assist you in removing them.
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While the wild cats wandering through your yard may be cute, they are a nuisance. Wild cats dig through garbage cans, raid pet food supplies, and spread disease and parasites to your
1. Comb your cat with a flea comb over her entire body. Have a jar or bowl of heavily diluted bleach nearby to dip the comb in as you collect the fleas to make sure they're dead.
1. Purchase a bag of tick granules at a store that sells garden supplies. Spread the granules liberally where ticks are found in your yard. Do this the day before it rains, since
1. Loosen the dirt in the depressions left behind by the tires and dig into the adjacent soil, if dirt was pushed up into hills alongside the depressions. Aim your efforts toward
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