How do you get rid of cold sore scabs?


Do not pick at a cold sore scab as it will probably leave a scar. There are medicines that you can put on a cold sore so that there will not be a scab. Prevention is the best way to get rid of a cold sore scab.
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1. Press a cold compress over your lips to stop blood flow to the cold sore. This will also numb the area and soothe lingering pain. 2. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water
I have had a cold sore for about 4 days now. It has been in the scab stage for about 3 days now. It is a little red as well. I have used cold sore meds and lysiene. At this time I
Answer Valtrex (a huge blue pill) works the same day and will stop the cold sore from getting past one small blister or even NO blisters if you catch it when you feel the tingling
Avoid touching, scratching, and rubbing cold sores. The less you touch a cold sore, the
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How to Get Rid of Cold Sore Scabs
Cold sores are painful lesions caused by the herpes virus that mainly occur on the lips and other mucous membranes. They disappear on their own after about a week without scarring; however, before they're gone completely they turn into crusty,... More »
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