How do you get rid of cowlicks?


There is no real way to get rid of cowlicks, because it is caused by the way your hair grows. However, a cowlick can be hidden or managed with a good quality haircut. Before choosing a stylist, talk to them about the best way to deal with your cowlick.
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1. Consult a hairstylist for a hairstyle that will work with your cowlick. Depending on the location of your cowlick, your stylist can create a look that will camoflauge the cowlick's
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There's no way to 'get rid' of a cowlick, but you can use styling gel or have it cut
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How to Remove a Cowlick From Hair
It rarely fails: When mornings are their most overwhelming, the dreaded cowlick makes an appearance. The hereditary circular hair-growth pattern, typically found at the front of the hairline, causes a tuft of hair to stick straight up at will. While the... More »
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