How do you get rid of cowlicks?


There is no real way to get rid of cowlicks, because it is caused by the way your hair grows. However, a cowlick can be hidden or managed with a good quality haircut. Before choosing a stylist, talk to them about the best way to deal with your cowlick.
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1. Wash and dry your hair. 2. Grab the cowlick between two fingers. Spray the base of the cowlick with hair spray. Spray the rest of the cowlick and hold it down flat to your head
While hair waxing is never permanent, repeated waxing may soften the hair significantly
Not a medical advice: Corrective hair styling and use of styling aides such as gel can help to tame the crazy hair.
Answer You don't get rid of a cowlick. You can cut it completely off, which will not work unless you wear a buzz cut or you can let it grow longer and the weight of it will pull itself
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How to Remove a Cowlick From Hair
It rarely fails: When mornings are their most overwhelming, the dreaded cowlick makes an appearance. The hereditary circular hair-growth pattern, typically found at the front of the hairline, causes a tuft of hair to stick straight up at will. While the... More »
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