How to Get Rid of Cowlicks?


There is no real way to get rid of cowlicks, because it is caused by the way your hair grows. However, a cowlick can be hidden or managed with a good quality haircut. Before choosing a stylist, talk to them about the best way to deal with your cowlick.
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1. Wash and dry your hair. 2. Grab the cowlick between two fingers. Spray the base of the cowlick with hair spray. Spray the rest of the cowlick and hold it down flat to your head
While hair waxing is never permanent, repeated waxing may soften the hair significantly
Not a medical advice: Corrective hair styling and use of styling aides such as gel can help to tame the crazy hair.
cut the tongue.
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How to Remove a Cowlick from Hair
Cowlicks are the source of bad hair days for many who suffer from this unruly tuft of hair that won't seem to lie flat. Cowlicks can be located at any point on the head. Cowlicks can't be permanently removed, but you can do a few tricks with your hair to... More »
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You can't get rid of your cowlick but a good hairdresser can compensate for them when cutting your hair. Ask your barber to do your hair with that in mind and ...
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