How to Get Rid of Deer Flies?


One way to get rid of deer flies is to keep large bodies of water away from your home. For example, you might want to put a cover over your pool, or try to drain areas that hold water in your yard.
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How to Get Rid of Deer Flies
Deer flies can be a large pest to humans. These flies bite humans and suck out blood and a few bites can make outside activities miserable. As deer flies can travel for long distances and its impossible to drain every swamp and water feature within... More »
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You can use insect repellent while you are outside to keep the deer flies away. Increase the amount of shade in your yard. Deer flies like sunny areas. Also, get rid of swimming pools or bodies of water in your yard. They attract deer flies also.
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1. Get rid of swimming pools or other bodies of water in your yard. Deer flies appear to be attracted to either the movement of people in swimming pools or the shiny, reflective surface
Deer flies only live for a few days, so if you wait a few days, they will all be dead. Of course, by that time, millions of more deer flies will be born, replacing the orginal deer
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Deer flies are flies, with patterned gold or green eyes, that are pests to cattle, horses, and humans. Female deer flies feed on blood while the males collect ...
Unfortunately, deer flies are not the easiest to repel. DEET is not a very effective repellent, so the best option to repel deer flies is Tred-Not, a sticky white ...
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