How do you get rid of nail discoloration?


Nail discoloration is the change of colour experienced on both your hands and toe nails. This can be brought by reactions of medicine, bacteria, liver diseases and the yellow syndrome. To get rid of discoloured nails, you can seek medical attention or follow these steps to help you; you can use vinegar and lemon juices. Then, apply tea tree oil since it has natural antiseptic and fungicide. You can also make use of the mouthwash because it contains Listerine. Finally clean your nails with warm, soapy water, and apply an antiseptic solution.
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1. Ensure that the discoloration is not a medical condition, such as genital warts, contact dermatitis or syphilis. Genital warts, in their first outbreak, appear as a myriad of white
1 Drip tea tree oil on your nail. Tea tree oil has been used as an antiseptic and fungicide for centuries. Dab a few drops directly on the site or soak a cotton ball in tea tree oil
You may have to go to the doctor and get a prescription. You may have a fungus. Lamisal is good for that. Been there.
don't. _need_prescription.i have recently went to India and and and my mom my sister in law had same problem and we went to dermatologist and she prescribe her hydrip-mt in two weeks
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