How to Get Rid of Fat Calves?


Calves are group of power positioned on the backs of the lower legs which permit the body to lift up the hill and push off with feet. To get rid of fat calves, do some cardiovascular workout each week, lessen your calorie intake and avoid walking with high heeled shoes for long distances. Finally employ low weights and high repetition for any kind of calf exercise.
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1. Do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a week. Good exercises are swimming, cycling and arm cycling. Distance running can be a good general fat-burning exercise, but
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Using a leg press machine, position yourself as you normally would in the
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How to Get Rid of Fat Calves
The calves are groups of muscles located on the backs of the lower legs that enable the body to raise the heel and push off with the feet. Some people consider large calves to be unsightly and may wish to reduce body fat stores located on the calves to... More »
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In order to get rid of calves you have to change you ways of leaving like wearing high heels or shoes that are not well supported .Do a lot of exercises including ...
Large calves may be hereditary, or be caused by poor eating habits and/or lack of exercise. To reduce calf size, some lifestyle changes may help. You should avoid ...
Women with muscular calves often want to get rid of them. Some women are more prone to larger thighs. This is usually due to genetics. A woman can ensure she is ...
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