How can I get rid of Fordyce spots?


Fordyce's spots are small red or white bumps that appear on the scrotum and penis of some men or on the labia of some women. They also sometimes appear on the inside of your lips. The most successful way of removing them is through the use of a vaporizing laser treatments. Both CO2 lasers and electrodesiccation are used with varying degrees of success, though most doctors recommend against treatment as the spots are a harmless cosmetic problem and not a medical concern.
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Not medical advice: To get rid of Fordyce Spots, apply tretinoin cream or gel daily to the affected areas. This will reduce the prominence of the spots.
these are some home remedies : 1. Liquid nitrogen freezing is a form of treatment for Fordyce's Condition. 2. Good oral hygiene and a balanced diet. of folic acid. Vitamins C, A,
Dark spots can be the result of an old scar, acne and also sun damage. Lemon juice is a home remedy that will reduce the appearance of dark spots. You can find more information here
1. Wash your face regularly using gentle antibacterial soap or a natural facial cleanser. Blackheads and spots occur when your pores are blocked with dirt, dead skin, and bacteria
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Fordyce spots appear on the scrotum, shaft of the penis, or on the labia. They are small, painless, raised spots or bumps. Vaporizing laser treatments can be used ...
Fordyce spots are small white spots or pimples that occur around the mouth or lips. These are caused when glands around the area become too full with oil or pus, ...
Fordyce spots will go away without any treatment. These spots are raised bumps on the skin that are mostly harmless. They can be found on the face, but also on ...
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