How can I get rid of Fordyce spots?


Fordyce's spots are small red or white bumps that appear on the scrotum and penis of some men or on the labia of some women. They also sometimes appear on the inside of your lips. The most successful way of removing them is through the use of a vaporizing laser treatments. Both CO2 lasers and electrodesiccation are used with varying degrees of success, though most doctors recommend against treatment as the spots are a harmless cosmetic problem and not a medical concern.
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u cant get rid of them no matter what u do and dont try to pop them Source(s): me
1. Keep your skin clean but don't irritate it. Many facial scrubs contain large bits of exfoliates that can create tiny abrasions on your skin. Because the abrasions make your entire
1 To get rid of spots, you’ll need to develop a disciplined yet sane washing regimen . Showering in the morning and once at night with a gentle, natural cleanser or soap will
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