How to Get Rid of Gas Bubbles in Your Stomach?


Gas in the stomach can be painful as it is trapped. To get rid of it may be as simple as taking an antacid. If it continues, consider changing your diet as an often overlooked area that causes stomach (and intestinal) upset is gluten, which is mostly wheat-derived. Many foods contain gluten, but the number of gluten-free products on the market today is sizable and increasing. Failing any relief it is advisable to consult a doctor.
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Reduce your intake of fatty foods to get rid of gas. Excess fat del...
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Ask your pharmacist for motillium. I've had terrible stomach problems in the past and these are the only thing that have ever worked despite much research, trial and error!
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How to Get Rid of Gas Bubbles in Your Stomach
Bloating and gas build-up can occur after eating foods that are high in fiber, or can be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. The key to reducing gas bubbles in your stomach is a combination of modifying your diet and taking over-the-counter medication... More »
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There are ways to encourage the gas to move through the system sooner rather than later. One way to accomplish this is by stretching out flat and then lifting legs and knees into chest or rolling onto the stomach can help encourage the gas bubbles to move on out. Eating too fast or even just eating lots of carbohydrates and /or fibrous foods can cause air to become trapped inside our intestines
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