How can you get rid of gas pains naturally?


Natural methods of getting rid of gas pains include drinking tea and taking probiotic supplements. health expert, Barbara Bradley Bolen explains that using a heating pad, moving the bowels, doing gentle exercise and performing deep diaphragmatic breathing all help to relieve gas pains.

HowStuffWorks claims that drinking a warm cup of peppermint tea is a great natural remedy for gas pains. Additionally, drinking chamomile tea and chewing on fennel seeds are also suggested home remedies.

Bolen recommends using a heating pad to help relax the gut muscles and reduce pain sensations. She adds that it is important to protect the skin from a burn when using a heating pad by wearing a layer of clothing. An alternative treatment is taking a warm bath, which provides similar soothing and relief. If possible, it also helps to have a bowel movement to speed up the movement of the muscles lining the large intestine. This helps push the gas out of the body. Similarly, performing gentle exercises helps relax the muscles in the abdomen and encourages trapped gas to make its way out of the system. Some yoga exercises help ease the passage of intestinal gas. For people who practice deep diaphragmatic breathing on a regular basis, this breathing technique can help ease gas pain, according to Bolen.

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