How to Get Rid of Geckos?


I had a gecko in my house the other day. I got a bowl so I could catch it. They run pretty fast. It was heading towards the back of my headboard. I threw the bowl at it. It fell to the floor. I scooped it up with the bowl. Put a lid on it and threw it outside.
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1. Check the screens in your house for any holes which the geckos may be crawling through, and replace any screens with holes. 2. Use caulk to seal any gaps around windows through
1. Reduce the insects in your home and yard. After all, that is their food source; if you cut that out, then the geckos should leave soon after. Ad. 2. Try glue traps. The flat type
Go Gecko was formulated due to market demand and the need to eradicate geckos and their droppings from human dwellings. The animal species scientifically known as the hemidactylus
Crank the A/C up so your house is a less desirable habitat for them and then seal all the holes they are using to enter. Source(s)
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How to Get Rid of Geckos
Geckos are a small breed of lizard which can actually serve a purpose within a household. Geckos feed on insects and spiders, and therefore they can be useful in keeping your property insect-free. Unfortunately, at times, the geckos themselves can become... More »
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To get rid of geckos, you can try catching them and releasing them back to their habitat. You may also try to get rid of geckos but bring their predator around.
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