How to Get Rid of Green Hair?


There are several ways to get rid of green hair. The simplest is to wait for the dye to fade. This can take up to six weeks. If you don't have that time, choose a hair dye of a dark color and use that to cover it up. Some people have even been known to shave their heads rather than try to fix a bad dye job. The solution depends on your needs and preferences, but these are the best three.
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Get some tomato juice and rub into your hair. Leave on for a couple minutes The clean with shampoo.
Wash it with Ketchup. Tomato will neutralize the green color.
1. Buy a cream hair removal product. This type of product kills unwanted facial hair and the results usually last a week. You can get this at a drugstore or beauty supply store. Buy
1. Consult a cosmetologist who supports natural hair growth and your desire not to lose your length during the transition period. Ask the cosmetologist to recommend products specific
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