How do you get rid of grey hair naturally?


Getting rid of your grey hair naturally depends greatly on why the hair is grey. If hair is grey due to malnutrition or stress, it will sometimes revert to its original color (in new growth) when the stress or nutrition are fixed. Grey hair due to aging is generally impossible to get rid of without dye.
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Increase your intake of Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Start eating things such as dark green vegetables, yellow fruits, bananas, tomatoes, yogurt and wheat germ. All of these foods can
1. First you will boil 1 tea pot of water. 2. You will then pour the water into a large bowl. 3. Next you will add 1-2 drops of your choice of essential oil (eucalyptus, fennel or
1. Wash your face thoroughly. 2. Apply a warm, damp towel to the affected area and leave until the towel cools. This will help soften the skin so the ingrown hair can more easily
Consider bleaching. Although this does not get rid of unwanted hair, it does lighten hair to a soft blond hue, rendering mustaches almost invisible. Some women also bleach the hair
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