How to Get Rid of House Flies Naturally?


There are many ways to rid your house of house flies naturally. One of the ways is to use cloves. They do not like cloves or pine, so you can place pine in the house. You can also put water with sugar in it on the counter in a bowl and they will drown.
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How to Get Rid of House Flies Naturally
House flies -- all buzzing and germs -- are a real pain. Unfortunately, during warm weather, it can be hard to keep them out of your house. They crawl in through open windows, holes in screens and any other space they can get through. Get rid of house... More »
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There a few things you can do to get rid of house flies, first and foremost you should keep your entry ways closed and check all screens on your windows or doors for holes so they
1. Plant basil in window boxes by your kitchen windows. Flies are often lured into the kitchen by the promise of food and trash, but they're repelled by basil. Not only will you have
1 Take a sweet and ripe apple (any kind).
There is no natural way to get rid of houseflies.
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To get rid of flies in the house, you need to clean up the surrounding and damping places in order to ensure that there is no dirt. Make homemade traps that will ...
Getting rid of house flies can be tricky, due to their quick breeding and their ability to hide, undetected in small spaces. There are some effective ways to get ...
Get rid of flies in the house by removing all sources of old food, feces, urine or any other bacteria that will attract flies. Clean the house thoroughly and make ...
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