How can I get rid of hyperpigmentation?


The darkening of an area of the skin or nails is what is known as hyperpigmentation. It can be got rid of by treatment using anti-aging creams or one of the following, hydroquinone, kojic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids, azelaic acids, ascorbic acid.
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1. Apply bleaching cream to the hyperpigmentation. Bleaching cream will fade these areas until they blend in with surrounding skin. Since bleaching cream works very gradually, you'll
1 Keep sun exposure to a minimum, since it will only cause the skin to become more pigmented. Always wear sunscreen, hats and protective clothing when out on sunny days. Ad 2 Apply
You can't remove them permanently, but microdermabrasion will lighten them and over time will be less noticeable. Only professional microdermabrasion is strong enough not the stuff
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Hyperpigmentation Treatments
A doctor may also suggest laser treatments. Home care sometimes includes over-the-counter medications, which may fade dark spots. These medications do not contain as much hydroquinone as prescription medications. Home care also includes the use of... More »
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