How do you get rid of menstrual cramps?


Some natural ways to get rid of menstrual cramps are soaking in a warm bathtub and applying a heating pad to the lower abdomen. You can also exercise. It may sound awful, but exercising helps to relieve contractions that cause menstrual cramps.
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1. 1. Use heat. Water bottle, heating pad, heating patch, whichever one. If you are at home or you are in an office (where you sit a lot) then the heating pad is the answer. Also,
Take a supplement with calcium, magnesium and potassium. Lack of those minerals is what really causes cramps (so start taking them before your next period too and you shouldn't have
Taking a Khichari cleanse for a week and some castor oil at the end made my bad cramps vanish. Keep your digestive system clean and don't eat cold foods or invert yourself when on
There is a heat pad for sale that is placed on your lower abdomen and hugs your lower back. I forgot the name of it though. A low or moderate dose of your pain reliever of chose can
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