How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls?


Getting rid of mice in the walls can be difficult. You're going to need to get up in your attic and lay down poison. Moth balls often help work as well as Decon. Good luck with this.
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You might hear mice at night, scurrying and scratching in the walls, or when you open the cupboard in the morning to get a cereal bowl, you might discover a chewed box and mouse droppings
Wondering how to get rid of mice? They might look cute in cartoons, but mice can get into your food and ruin furniture, wiring and wall interiors. The parasites that ride on mice
1 Block up holes in interior and exterior walls. Start with the interior walls; it's best to leave a way out for the mice. They may leave your home or apartment for easier pickings I don't know how well they work but there are a lot of commercials for them. I personally use mouse traps ( my walls are solid )
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How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls
Mice living in your walls can eat through the electrical wiring, contaminate the insulation and gnaw holes in the framing. They will also probably steal uncovered food in your kitchen or pantry, leaving trails of excrement as their signature of crime.... More »
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