How do you get rid of millipedes?


The best way to discourage millipedes from invading a home is to make it inhospitable to the creepy crawlies. Millipedes require cool, damp hiding spaces, and they will not often travel in areas without such resources.

Homeowners should remove all boards, trash or debris from the walls inside and outside the home to keep them away. Additionally, if the basement or crawlspace is damp, take steps to increase the ventilation. After drying out the area, the millipedes will not return.

If habitat alteration does not reduce the local millipede population, pesticides are an option. Homeowners must always use care when applying such toxic chemicals and follow the manufacturer’s instructions while applying the chemicals. Chemical control should only be used in conjunction with habitat modification.

Millipedes are invertebrates, but they are not insects; millipedes are an entirely different kind of animal, known as a diplopodan. Although the number of legs they possess varies from species to species, all living millipedes have far more than six legs. Millipede literally means “1,000 legs,” but most millipedes have between 50 and 400 legs. Millipedes do not bite or sting, but some species do emit toxic or foul-smelling substances. Millipedes are herbivores that consume dead and living plants and organic material.

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1. Examine the perimeter of your home, looking for any cracks or holes around the foundation that millipedes might be able to enter through. Seal any holes that you find with silicone
Walk around the outside of your house with some selnt and a caulking gun and get to work. Seal up any cracks in the foundation and around and cables, wires, and plumbing that enter
Millipede control begins outdoors by removing harbor aging places that hold
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How to Get Rid of Millipedes
Though many people find them disturbing, millipedes are harmless creatures. Despite their nickname, "million leggers" have 400 or fewer legs. Unlike fast-moving centipedes, which have one pair of legs per body segment, millipedes move slowly with... More »
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Millipedes are quite harmless insects but finding them in your garden can be quite annoying. Try caulking any cracks outside of your home and make sure the temperature ...
There are several ways to get rid of thousand leggers, commonly known as millipedes. Natural methods involve boric acid, wood ash and even chickens. The use of ...
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