How to get rid of mint plants?


Mint is a perennial and spreads quickly in gardens. For those wondering how to get rid of mint plants, there are a few effective methods to try. Consider digging the mint plants out of the soil. First, dig up and set aside plants that need to be preserved. Then, moisten the soil before attempting to remove mint plants. Next, using a garden fork, methodically dig up the mint roots and stems by sections. Once the mint roots have been pulled out of the ground, it is important to pick up every piece and discard them. Roots left behind can result in plant regrowth. Before replanting other plants, monitor the soil for one month to make sure the mint plants have been eliminated.
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How to Get Rid of Mint Plants
Mint can be a tasty addition to most food and drink that you can make in your home. However, when this plant starts to dominate your garden or lawn, you may be in trouble. Mint is one of the most stubborn plants to remove once it has started to thrive.... More »
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The simplest way to get rid of mint plants in your lawn is to mow it. Regular mowing will keep the plant from having enough leaves to support itself. You could also try digging the plant up, but make sure to get all of the underground runners or it will come back. A third option is a broadleaf herbicide, but be careful not to get any on the plants you wish to keep.
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1. Dig up the mint plant and all of its roots. This is most easily done after a rainfall, when the ground is soft. Remove every part of the plant, as a single root or leaf will produce
Persistence is required to kill mint. Pull every plant with as much of the root as you can get. New plants will grow from the pieces of root you missed. Pull them as soon as you see
When dealing with gnats on your plants it is easy to get rid of the adults but not so easy to get rid of the one in the dirt. Adult can be killed with a bowl of red cooking wine.
1 Find a retailer that sells mint plants. In order to buy a healthy mint plant that will continue to grow and produce mint leaves, purchase a plant from a reputable retailer. Shop
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