How do you get rid of mockingbirds?


Mockingbirds are noisy and possessive bird species. They attack easy especially if you try to come close to their nest. You can get rid of them by filling a super soaker water gun with water. Attach the scope for a better shot and start shooting all the mocking birds that come to sight. This will scare them off and they will build a nest else where. You can also draw hawk and owl silhouettes and place them at strategic points where you don't want the mocking birds to reach.
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1. Fill the super-soaker water gun with water. 2. Attach the scope for a better shot. 3. Shoot all mockingbirds that come into sight. 4. Trace the stencil with the white chalk onto
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How to Get Rid of Mockingbirds
Mockingbirds are by far one of the noisiest and most possessive birds in this country. They hoard the birdseed in feeders, and they attack anyone or anything that gets close to their nest. There are essentially four ways to repel mockingbirds, and sadly,... More »
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Mockingbirds are very noisy birds that can invade and make a lasting impression on your garden or compound. Getting rid of them is very simple though, you can use a water gun to shoot at them although this may be tiresome job and time consuming too. The other alternative is to make an owl or hawk face from a placard and fit it to a long rod and push it into the ground around where the birds are. You can make as many as you want depending on the size of the garden
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