How do you get rid of mold on windowsills?


Getting rid of mold on windows is simple to do. You will need a solution of bleach and water. Take a rag and wipe down the window sills to remove all mold.
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1. Clean off the window sill. Remove any dirt, cracked paint or other debris. Scrape off any visible mold with a spatula. Use a non-metallic spatula to avoid scratching the wood.
1. Mix 10 percent hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with boric acid at a ratio of one cup per half gallon. The 10 percent can be made from 35 percent (technical grade) H2O2. Don't use the
1. Equip yourself with a pair of rubber gloves, an N-95 respirator and safety goggles without vent holes. This is the proper safety gear for the mold removal process. 2. Open the
1. Peel the tape from the windowsill. Insert the tip of a plastic knife under the tape to lift it, if necessary. Peel the tape off slowly on painted wood sills so it doesn't lift
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