How do you get rid of mold on windowsills?


Getting rid of mold on windows is simple to do. You will need a solution of bleach and water. Take a rag and wipe down the window sills to remove all mold.
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1. Measure the length of your windowsill from underneath. 2. Mark your molding at that length, and then take off one inch. Mark that measurement on your molding, set the molding on
This is a common problem. You can get rid of the mold by cleaning with a mild bleach solution, but if you don't stop the moisture it will return. . Two things cause mold to form in
1. First, make sure that you change the water and clean out the rocks and pot where the bamboo is situated. If this doesn't stop or kill the mold from growing then you need to "
Look around and under everything in your house for any leaks and any dampness. Look closely when inspecting because there are other molds, sometimes these molds can be way more toxic
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