How to Get Rid of Moth Ball Smell?


To get rid of moth ball smell you will need distilled vinegar, laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets, water, a washing machine, cleaning rags and a dryer. You can find more information here:
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How to Get Rid of Moth Ball Smell
Getting rid of that mothball smell on hand-me-down garments, thrift store buys and attic-stored goods can seem like a hopeless pursuit--until now. Using household products, you can eliminate mothball odors for good.... More »
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To get rid of a moth ball smell in a room, simply open windows to let the air in. You may also want to sweep the floor with some carpet fresh. If the smell is on clothes, washing
1. Find the moth balls, dispose of them in a sealed container designed for hazardous waste and place them outdoors. 2. To the extent possible, move the furniture outside and hang
I have been dealing with this same problem. I have taken the mattress outside to air it repeatedly. I have used Smelleze (don't waste your money) and baking soda. It is getting better
You might also want to try putting some of those activated carbon odor absorbers for the fridge called FRIDGE IT. They are unscented and I've used in an old hope chest along with
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Moth ball smell is pretty strong and almost impossible to get rid of. You can try wiping out the area with light bleach or vinegar, airing it out for a period ...
You can sprinkle your clothes with some baby powder, not to much though. Blow dry your clothes with the hair dryer on medium heat. You can hang them out to dry ...
One way to keep mice out of campers is to use moth balls. To get rid of the moth ball smell in the spring use a bucket of charcoal. You can also make a bucket ...
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