How to Get Rid of Muscle Spasm in Neck?


One way to get rid of a muscle spasm in your neck is to have someone massage it out. You can also try applying heat or ice to the affected area. If you have a muscle spasm, don't try to over extend the neck area as you will make it worse.
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You can try moving your muscle in the opposite direction of the spasm. Try flexing it. Also make sure your diet is adequate in potassium, magnesium, because a deficiency can cause
1. When a neck spasm occurs, perform these exercises to alleviate the muscle tightness: Turn your head to the right (chin over top of shoulder) put both hands behind your head and
the pain will go away after a few days but if it is really bothering you, I suggest you get someone to rub A535 deep into your neck tissue.
When your neck is sore, try a hot pack to soothe
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Muscles spasms in the neck can be horribly painful and make it difficult to move the head. There are many causes, such as sleeping wrong, poor posture, or even ...
Place an ice pack or cold pack over painful muscles for 48 to 72 ho... ...
Muscle spasms in the neck can be treated with gentle stretching, therapeutic massage, and physical therapy. Heat and cold therapy is also helpful. ...
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