How do I get rid of a muscle spasm in my neck?


One way to get rid of a muscle spasm in your neck is to have someone massage it out. You can also try applying heat or ice to the affected area. If you have a muscle spasm, don't try to over extend the neck area as you will make it worse.
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1. I would regularly get muscle knots and spasms in my upper back, next to my shoulder blades, that would be so painful that I couldn't sleep or work. Eventually, I was able to rid
the pain will go away after a few days but if it is really bothering you, I suggest you get someone to rub A535 deep into your neck tissue.
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18 Jan 2010 I realize this answer is a bit late and I hope your spasms have resolved. I don't know of any home remedies for muscle spasms. There are really good prescription medicines
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