How do you get rid of muskrats?


To get rid of muskrats you trap muskrats using traps because they aren't easy to catch and may be fence off the area in which muskrats have been spotted usually if the area is small. You can also try to control the depth of your pond because muskrats look for bodies of water that are slow moving, so they get in and out of them.
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1. Trap muskrats using traps that you can find in a store that sells hunting and trapping supplies. Attempting to catch muskrats any other way will be virtually impossible. Muskrats
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How to Get Rid of Muskrats
Muskrats should not be a problem for the average person. Unlike raccoons and squirrels, muskrats are found near water. They tend to make their homes along the banks of ponds, rivers and streams, so unless you live in an area that is close to water, you... More »
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Muskrats are large rodents that often live near water. To get rid of them, buy traps from a dealer in hunting and trapping supplies. Muskrats are swift in their movements so setting a trap is the best way to catch them. Use any fruit as bait but apples attract them more. Fence ponds and control their depth as muskrats avoid water bodies that move fast.
Muskrats can be quite the nuisance and can really damage your property. To get rid of them you can use Conibear traps known as a colony trap which goes directly over their den. Other ways to rid your property of muskrats are to remove their food source. One of the main food sources for muskrats are cattails.
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