How to Get Rid of Mustaches on Women?


To get rid of mustaches on women, one method is to pluck the hairs out with tweezers. A faster method would be to pull the hair out using the waxing method.
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1. Follow the instructions on the box. You must mix the kit's creme bleach with the activator. Be precise with your measurements. Creme bleach is an option for women who don't want
No tape doesnt work. Buy real wax or Nair for faces, or Sally Hansen hair remover. If no money, just use a razor or tweezers that you have at home.
Don't lick your lips and put loads of antiseptic lotion on the spots before you go to bed.
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How to Get Rid of Mustaches on Women
Unsightly facial hair is something that many women wish to get rid of. You may feel uncomfortable when people come close to your face, believing they are focusing on your facial hair. Or perhaps you feel that the darker hairs on your upper lip draw... More »
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