How to Get Rid of Mustaches on Women?


To get rid of mustaches on women, one method is to pluck the hairs out with tweezers. A faster method would be to pull the hair out using the waxing method.
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Things You'll Need. Tweezers. Razor. Shave gel. At-home wax kit for facial hair. Instructions. Pluck upper lip hair with clean, sharp tweezers. To do this effectively, make sure the
Electrolysis is the only way to permanently get rid of hair. Additional Answer Lasar hair removal works great with dark haired women. Ask your dermatologist.
Don't worry about it. Just ask your mum for some money for an electric shaver. She's probably noticed it if you have but don't worry about it. I had one at 13! Honestly, I was 13,
Consider bleaching. Although this does not get rid of unwanted hair, it
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How to Get Rid of Mustaches on Women
Unsightly facial hair is something that many women wish to get rid of. You may feel uncomfortable when people come close to your face, believing they are focusing on your facial hair. Or perhaps you feel that the darker hairs on your upper lip draw... More »
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