How do you get rid of big calves?


In order to get rid of calves you have to change you ways of leaving like wearing high heels or shoes that are not well supported .Do a lot of exercises including stretching ones. Go massage more regularly and use low weights and high repetitions for any type of calf exercise.
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1. Use a good exfoliant on the calves where the stretch marks are. You can use a retail product or make your own (such as a sugar scrub) Exfoliants rid the skin of dead cells and
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Large calves may be hereditary, or be caused by poor eating habits and/or lack of exercise. To reduce calf size, some lifestyle changes may help. You should avoid ...
Calves are group of power positioned on the backs of the lower legs which permit the body to lift up the hill and push off with feet. To get rid of fat calves, ...
The process for reducing the size of a woman's calf muscles is dependent upon the woman's current activity level, diet and body type. According to In Shape magazine ...
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