How do you get rid of old dried blood stains?


Cold water, salt and soap can remove dried blood stains within 15 minutes to an hour. Soaking the item in cold salt water may require some additional time. This stain removal method is recommended for sturdier fabrics, such as cotton or denim.

  1. Rinse the stain in cold water

    Allow cold water to run over the stain until most of the dried blood has rinsed away. Wring the garment to remove excess water.

  2. Pour salt on the stain

    Pour enough salt on the garment to cover the stain, and rub the salt into the fabric gently.

  3. Add soap and more salt

    Add a small amount of laundry or dish detergent, and sprinkle another tablespoon of salt on the stain. Rub the stain gently to work the soap into the fabric.

  4. Rinse with cold water

    Rinse the clothing with very cold water to determine whether the stain has faded. If the stain is visible, apply the salt and soap mixture and allow the garment to soak for an hour, then rinse it thoroughly.

  5. Wash and dry

    Wash the garment as recommended on the label. If the stain is still visible after washing, apply another salt treatment to remove the remaining stain, then rinse and wash before drying the garment.

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