How to Get Rid of Pack Rats?


Buy some rat traps at the hardware store. Put some peanut butter on it and set the traps and when you hear the traps snap bingo you have caught your rat. Dispose of properly with proper safety precautions being taken. Or call your local exterminator.
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1. Locate where the rats gained access to your crawlspace, and any areas through which they can then access your house. A rat needs less than an inch of space to squeeze into an area
1 Shut all crawlspaces and put 1/4 inch mesh over vents . Having a plumber leave the crawlspace open is an invitation to rats. 2 Consider using wax bait . Put it at the four corners
To get rid of Rats you need to buy a Rat zapper.
Learn how to get rid of a cold before cold and flu season descends-once the sniffling and sneezing starts, you are going to want to be prepared. Eat Chicken Soup If you thought the
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How to Get Rid of Pack Rats
Pack rats, also known as wood rats or trading rats, are gray or brown with bushy tails and white abdomens. They thrive in hot, dry climates and can be found extensively throughout desert regions in North America. The rats collect bits of loose material... More »
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