How to Get Rid of Pockmarks?


There are several methods which can be used to get rid of or lessen the impact of pockmarks. The first thing is to treat the cause, which is usually acne. Then there are creams which encourage the regeneration of healthy skin. Exfoliating helps, as well as microdermabrasion. More extreme methods include chemical peels and laser treatment.
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1. Run the edge of a putty knife over the pockmarks to remove any loose paint or drywall. 2. Scoop up a small amount of drywall compound with a putty knife, and then draw the knife
Eat more green vegetables, eat less black food and chili food. You had better not eat the soy sauce. Apply some over the counter topical creams that contain Vitamin E or use a scar
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1. Apply a cream containing Vitamin A (Tretinoin) daily. Be prepared for redness and puffiness in the beginning. This is part of the process and will eventually go away. 2. Use an
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