How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy Rash Fast?


Getting rid of poison Ivy Rash Fast can be done using home remedies than the costly way of visiting a physician. The procedure involves cleansing the disturbed area with warm water and pouring salt to affected rash. Using wet cheesecloth, rub salt into the skin and leave as long as possible. Other methods include treating poison oak with bleach or baking soda and vinegar. Alternatively, banana peels can be used on the affected area of the skin.
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1. First learn what poison ivy looks like. I have noticed that in the spring the plant has shiny red leaves. Then during the summer they turn green but they are not shiny. Towards
Poison ivy will go away on it's own in about a week to 3 weeks. You can use over the counter medications to control the itching. Your DR can help by giving you a prescription for
1st cleanse exposed skin with rubbing alcohol. 2nd, wash
Poison Ivy is a medical condition but all you have to do is rub wet homemade lye soap on it and let it dry do not wash it off and DONT SCRATCH IT! Even if it is ugly you must not
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