How do you get rid of a polyurethane smell?


The best way to get rid of polyurethane smell is to open up the windows. The stain works well on furniture but has a very bad smell to it. It will go away within a few hours.
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1. Remove all pets, people and plants from the home. Close all windows so the home is airtight. Turn up the heat and let the polyurethane dry for a few days. 2. Install an ozone machine
1. Combine 1/4 cup washing soda with 1 gallon warm water in a bucket. Put on rubber gloves, then scrub the surface of your musty-smelling desk with the cleaning solution. The washing
1. Apply a 1/8-inch thick coating of paint stripper to the affected tile, using a paint roller. 2. Cover the stripper with a plastic sheet to prevent evaporation. Roll over the sheet
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How to Get Rid of the Smell of Polyurethane
Polyurethane is a versatile polymer used in a variety of products such as foam, plastics, fibrous materials and adhesives. Polyurethane's merits include resistance to tears, load-bearing capacities and resistance to weather. But people often complain... More »
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Refinishing hardwood floors with polyurethane can produce a fresh, new loo, but also give off a foul and sour odor that can often take your breath away. The odor can be so strong, that it can cause a person to gag and cough and it is not always easy to get rid of this smell. However, it is also not impossible. To get rid of a polyurethane smell, the easiest thing you can do is open the windows and air out the room. You can try and camouflage the smell with candles or other room deodorants, but sometimes the odor is so overbearing nothing will camouflage it.
The first thing you need to do in order to get rid of the polyurethane smell is to have buy baking soda, a vacuum cleaner and citrus cleaner.
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