How can I get rid of razor bumps under my armpits?


The best way to get rid of razor bumps after shaving is to shave properly and apply skin soothing products afterward, according to Global Post. In many cases, bumps in the armpit can be avoided by adhering to good shaving habits. However, some sensitive skin is susceptible to bumps regardless of the method used. In this case, soothing products often do the trick.

Most underarm shaving bumps are caused by irritation, which can be prevented by wetting the area and applying shaving cream or gel directly to the skin before shaving. A sharp razor is also vital, because using a dull one can cause irritation. Most disposable razors last two weeks or less, depending on the coarseness and thickness of the hair being shaved. If irritation is already present, the skin needs time to heal before the hair can be removed. Apply moisturizer to the area after each shave.

Hydrocortisone creams and other soothing products intended for the treatment of razor burn work best at calming irritated skin when they are used daily. Since deodorants can cause further irritation, they should be avoided if possible. If deodorant must be worn, fragrance-free products often work best. Clothing that lets air reach the affected area also helps with healing.

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How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Under My Armpits
Uncomfortable and unsightly razor bumps are a common problem if you use a razor to shave your armpits. This condition arises from shaving incorrectly. Razor bumps or razor burn is a skin irritation that happens when a few quick swipes of the razor go a... More »
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