How do you get rid of red ants?


To get rid of red ants you can try a home remedy that is proven to work. You will need boiling water. Soak chewing tobacco and garlic. Put in the blender. Add hot sauce to the mixture and puree. You can spray this with a hose sprayer.
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1. The ants come marching one by one right through your house. It doesn't matter if your house has passed the white glove inspectorial or not. Something about what you got is what
1. Pour at least three gallons of water into a cooking pot. 2. Place the pot full of water on your stove and heat the water until it boils. Make sure that the water comes to a complete
Ants, those troublesome pests that usually invade the home, have found their way into many tight spaces. Outdoor buildings, doghouses, decks and even cars are not safe from invasion
1. Use one of the many commercial sprays and baits to kill ants. Follow the directions on the package. 2. Use non-toxic substances such as borax powder, liquid soap and vinegar. Borax
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How to Get Rid of Red Ants
Getting rid of red ants means using Top Choice Fire Ant Killer, which will kill fire ants for up to one year. Learn about different types of red ants, including fire ants, carpenter ants and Argentine ants with help from a certified pest control operator... More »
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