How do you get rid of roaches naturally?


There are ways to get rid of roaches naturally without calling your exterminator. You can crush up some bay leaves or cat nip, and spread around your home, roaches hate this smell. You can even use Borax, which harms their outer shell. You can find more information here:
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The most important step: Keep your environment clean. Do not let clutter build up, it's the perfect hiding place for roaches. Do not leave dirty dishes out. At night run your dishwasher
The best way to get rid of cockroaches naturally is to create a "cockroach" bait. To do this you will need to make a mixture of 2 parts boric acid - found at hardware stores
1 Exterminators alone will not help, and their products are not good for you. The pest control guys and building superintendents want to come in and "bomb" your stuff. Let's
1. Snails do not like to cross over hair. Spread hair over the soil of your garden. Either human or animal hair can be used for this purpose, so if you'd rather not use your own hair
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Pest Control: Cockroaches
Traps offer the best way to monitor cockroach populations. By placing traps in several locations and inspecting them regularly, you can identify the areas of most severe infestation and know where to concentrate control efforts... More »
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