How do you get rid of roaches naturally?


There are ways to get rid of roaches naturally without calling your exterminator. You can crush up some bay leaves or cat nip, and spread around your home, roaches hate this smell. You can even use Borax, which harms their outer shell. You can find more information here:
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1. Scrub your kitchen. Wipe all the surfaces and sweep or vacuum up all crumbs, including those behind and below appliances and furniture. Remove any crumbs or grease from appliances
1. Find the cockroaches. Cockroaches are black or brown oval shaped insects with spiny legs and long antennae. If you see even one roach, you've undoubtedly got a lot more. The problem
You can use sprays, or get your house contaminated. It doesn't matter any way. Answered by: Marley816(
1. Vacuum up any food particles that may be on the floor or carpet. Sweeping up or vacuuming regularly can help keep the roaches away. You should also thoroughly clean the insides
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Pest Control: Cockroaches
Traps offer the best way to monitor cockroach populations. By placing traps in several locations and inspecting them regularly, you can identify the areas of most severe infestation and know where to concentrate control efforts... More »
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Natural ways to get rid of roaches include using catnip, bay leaves and borax. Catnip repels roaches and causes them to leave the area. Bay leaves work in the ...
Roach bombs are made to help rid an infested home of roaches. Some popular brands that are said to work are Bio Spot and Black Flag. They can be purchased in stores ...
Cockroaches eat other small insects. They also feed on wood and crumbs. They will eat your food if it's not closed tightly. You can get rid of them by spraying ...
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