How to Get Rid of Rolly Pollies?


There are a couple of things you can try to get rid of rolly pollies from your garden. You can sprinkle snail and slug bait around the perimeter of the garden to draw them out of the plants. You can also try Diatomaceous Earth powder to lower the population of the bugs.
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1. Determine if the damage caused to tender young vegetation and fruits in the garden is the result of rollie pollie activity. Look under rocks, leaves and other clutter to identify
Rolly Pollies, otherwise known as Pill Bugs, are scavengers. They are known to eat both live and decaying plant and animal waste. These buggers like living in cool damp places. For
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Rollie pollies, also known as pill bugs, eat a vegetarian diet. They most frequently eat decaying plant matter and leaves. ...
Rollie pollies are not extinct. You can find Rollie pollie in a number of places in the United States. ...
Rolly Polly bugs are a nickname for a type of bug that rolls into a ball when threatened. This bugs are actually Pillbugs and garnered their rolly polly nickname ...
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